Nikki, the Siberian Husky

Rusty, the Rabbit

Theros, the Great Dane


Buffy, the Siberian Husky

Rufus, the Rabbit

Oliver, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Oliver, the Miniature Dachshund

Tariff, the Pig

Pigs need to get clean too!

Trudy, the Kitten

Poppy, the Rabbit

Photo credit: Mark Philpott

Chessie, the Cockapoo

Doggie, the Pomeranian

Lulu, the Morkie


Goomba, the Newfoundland

Maya, the Siberian Husky

Thumper and Hopper, the Lizards

These twins like to cool off together in the tub!

Ralph, the Pitbull Mix

By John Caruso

Max, the Miniature Schnauzer

Leo, the Great Dane

Lucy, the Weimeraner

Lucy is trying to make a run for it!

Lexie, the Siberian Husky

Photo Credit: Denise Sebastian

Sebi, the Cat

Check out Sebi's Facebook page HERE!

Princess Abby, the Yorkshire Terrier

Boomer, the Chocolate Lab


Max, the Hound

Romeo, the Yorkshire Terrier

Romeo's owner, Carla Marie, is a producer of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show!
Check out her page HERE!

Ky, the Springer Spaniel/Belgian Shepherd Mix

Peppercorn, the Cat

Peppercorn gets warm in a towel after his bath!

Aneniske, the Cat

Luke, the Pug

Luke likes to get his fur dry using a blow dryer. 
Photo Credit: Lisa West